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Our ser­vices are 100% tail­o­red to indi­vi­du­al cus­to­mer needs. We offer solu­ti­ons for natu­ral gas sto­rage faci­li­ties, mea­su­re­ment, and ana­ly­sis sys­tems for natu­ral gas trans­por­ta­ti­on and dis­tri­bu­ti­on as well as mobi­le mea­su­re­ment and ana­ly­sis con­tai­ners. All plants and solu­ti­ons are plan­ned and exe­cu­ted inde­pen­dent of the equip­ment manu­fac­tu­rer spe­ci­fied.

We ana­ly­ze the cus­to­mer-spe­ci­fic task and offer the metro­lo­gi­cal­ly and eco­no­mic­al­ly opti­mal solu­ti­on. In doing so, we con­sider cus­to­mer requi­re­ments and tech­ni­cal deve­lo­p­ments on the mar­ket for the best solu­ti­on.

Project planning

Project solutions from a single source

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Consulting & Service

Consulting, assembly, commissioning

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Your plant: made to measure

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Our Responsibility – our Promise

Sustainability through hydrogen technology and emission reduction

At meter Q we wri­te CLIMATE PROTECTION in capi­tal let­ters! Our ana­ly­zers are 100% hydro­gen capa­ble. At the same time, we offer solu­ti­ons for emis­si­on reduc­tion up to the com­ple­te eli­mi­na­ti­on of a bypass wit­hout nega­ti­ve impact on the respon­se time. Our GCs con­sis­t­ent­ly use modern micro and nano tech­no­lo­gy. The result is a plat­form that is 4x fas­ter and 20x more sen­si­ti­ve than estab­lished tech­no­lo­gy while still being smal­ler, ligh­ter, and easier to main­tain.

All About Natural Gas and Hydrogen H2

Project solutions from a single source

We are experts in pro­jects with mea­su­re­ment tech­no­lo­gy around natu­ral gas and H2. The sca­le ran­ges from pure natu­ral gas over any natu­ral gas/H2-mix­tures to pure H2. We do ever­y­thing from small moder­niza­ti­ons of exis­ting plants over more com­plex retro­fits and to com­ple­te mea­su­re­ment con­tai­ners or plants.


Complex? – Not for us.

meterQ manu­fac­tures ana­ly­sis sys­tems accor­ding to DVGW gui­de­lines and elec­tri­cal con­trol cabi­nets accor­ding to VDE stan­dards in our own shop. We have ser­vice vehic­les with a ful­ly equip­ped mobi­le elec­tri­cal work­shop for ser­vicing and com­mis­sio­ning of even com­plex pro­jects on site.

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