After 5 days of exhi­bi­t­ing at ACHEMA in the Rese­arch and Inno­va­tions sec­tion in Hall 6.0 Booth A36 at the Trans­HyDE booth we are abso­lute­ly over­whel­med by the respon­se. Trans­HyDE is one of the three flagship pro­jects of the Ger­man Federal Minis­try of Edu­ca­ti­on and Rese­arch to pave the way for the com­ing hydro­gen infra­st­ruc­tu­re. Als Teil­neh­mer des Teil­pro­jekts GET H2 von Trans­HyDE durf­ten wir unse­re bis jetzt gewon­nen For­schungs­er­geb­nis­se vor­stel­len und natür­lich auch hel­fen, das Gesamt­pro­jekt vor­zu­stel­len. The inte­rest in the topic hydro­gen but also espe­cial­ly in our MGChydro­gen was huge, so that we can call this fair a 100% suc­cess.

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